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otherwise known as
The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronic Junk

This is the THIRD Box of Electronic Junk that we have gotten and I have to say - I was no less enthused this time around than I was the first time! My girlfriend and I are both addicted to surprise boxes, so receiving these are like Christmas gifts from strangers!

This photo is what was included in the original box that I received from IHeartRobotics.

Box: intj-20.contents
Click Image to See Full-Size

As you can see, the first thing that'll catch your eye are the impressive motor/gearbox assemblies as well as the various sized stepper motors. There is a USB cable and an ethernet cable and of course the obligatory electronic components. A couple of packs of pretty cool looking silicone compound almost made it into my keep pile, but I just couldn't think of anything I would ever use them for. There are always a few things in each box that I would like to keep, but I always figure its better that someone get these that will actually use them rather than to let them gather dust on my shelves for years...

Here, you can see the items that I decided to keep.

Box: intj-20.kept
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I really did need a new pair of wire strippers (ever wonder why this single item is called a pair?). And who doesn't need a spare 12vdc 1 amp wall-wart power supply? Those cool motor/gearbox assemblies will go in my "one-of-these-days-I-am-going-to-build-a-robot" pile. AC power line noise filters always come in handy in an electronic repair/experimenter's shop, as do the other minor components I kept. Finally, you see that heater assembly there? Since this is the second identical item that I've gotten in as many boxes, I figure the cosmos is trying to tell me something. So I kept it.

And here, you can see what I decided to add to the mix.

Box: intj-20.added
Click Image to See Full-Size

This time, I had quite a bit to add. There are a couple of vacuum fluorescent displays, two high-frequency high-voltage CCF power boards and a few unknown PCBs. You get a CD laser assembly, a Wal-Mart in-transit temperature datalogger, a (defective) FRS radio, a Border Patrol underground loop receiver and the innards of one of those little ultra-light helicopters. Oh, and don't forget about the obligatory electronic components ;) After I took this photo, I realized that there was still a little space left over that just looked naked, so I added a few 'surprises' before sealing it up.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three