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otherwise known as
The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronic Junk

This is the second BOEJ that I have been chosen to receive and it is still like opening a gift on Christmas morning. Sitting on the couch in our pajamas when the postman delivered the (quite heavy) mystery box, me and my GF ripped into it like kids in an electronic candy store!

After going through it all, we sorted it out for this photo op:

Box: intj-12.contents
Click Image to See Full-Size

As you can see, there are some pretty cool thingamabobs in there. plenty of motors, mostly steppers. There's a digital camera (the CCD is broken, I think), a couple of LCD modules, a heater assembly(?) for something or another, a handheld controller for an ELO touchscreen (I actually had that touchscreen until two weeks ago when someone broke it!), several sensors, an unknown HP tool, a ±5vdc power supply and more.

Here, you can see the items that I decided to keep.

Box: intj-12.kept
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The first thing that got my attention was the E510 QWheel. Not exactly sure what it is, but I like it! The black faceplate looking panel has a switch on the bottom that lights up the white center ring. Figure I might use that in one of my many planned projects someday. Same idea with the LCD/pushbutton module. I think the twin motors are small pumps with solenoid valves attached. Maybe a robot? (You know, if I ever build this robot I keep taking about...) And I can always use an extra power strip. The big stepper motor just LOOKS impressive! The little things are a few Torx screwdriver bits, a large grommet and a few banana plugs. Oh, and my girlfriend kept the velcro keychain to add to her (HUGE) collection.

And here, you can see what I decided to add to the mix.

Box: intj-12.added
Click Image to See Full-Size

As an electronics techinician by trade, I have oodles of components laying around. That should explain the plastic baggies of AC filtering capacitors, RF chokes, SMT IC chips and other assorted goodies. And just to aid in using the IC chips, I'm throwing in an SMT ChipQuik removal kit I never found a use for. Also thrown into the mix are a few large ferrite chokes, an LCD screen from an HP digital camera and a few odd circuit boards. And just for good measure there's an old-school pager, a hands-free cell phone adapter and a digital temperature monitor I found laying around a Wally World.

I will be sending this on to Michael in Salt Lake City, Utah in a few days. Hopefully he will be keeping the eternal flame of TGIMBOEJ alive ;) Stay tuned for further updates...

This whole TGIMBOEJ thing is like getting a tattoo. You get one and think... "one is enough", but after a while, you start getting that itch - and you know that the only thing that can ease that feeling is another one! So... I hope to be the recipient of another box in the future. And if you would like you own TGIMBOEJ, make sure your name is added to the list.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three