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otherwise known as
The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronic Junk

This is the first TGIMBOEJ that I have been involved in. What the heck is TGIMBOEJ, you might ask? Glad you asked! TGIMBOEJ stands for The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronic Junk and is all the latest craze for those of us lucky enough to count ourselves among the growing number of like-mind Mad Scientists! It all starts with a box that someone has taken the time to load up with all sort of electronic and/or electro-mechanical gadgets and components. That box is then shipped to someone who has, by adding their name to a list, requested that a box be sent to them. Once that person receives the box, they go through it, removing as much or as little as they like, and add a few things from their own junkbox stockpile (you DO have a junkbox, right?). The box is then sent on to someone else on the request list.

Well, I was selected as a recipient of TGIMBOEJ box by Ronald in Tennessee. I was so excited! I love a good grab box. The day it arrived, the first thing I noticed was, in big bold letters "Rattling is OK". I thought that was kinda funny, especially in this post-9/11 mentality most people have adopted. I guess you have to make sure the Postal Service doesn't think it's a bomb and destroy perfectly good and harmless electronics. Anyway, we ripped the box apart as soon as we got it inside the shop.

This photo is what was included in the original box that I received from Ronald.

Box: gray-b.contents
Click Image to See Full-Size

I'm not sure, but I think a photo copier exploded in the box! You can see here that there are plenty of rollers, gears and idlers. There is a long computer cable that I assume goes with the Extender box. Another "you don't see that everyday" item is a brand new old-school cellular phone - before the name was shortened along with it's size. And if you need a cordless can opener you're all set! Some of the items I couldn't even identify. I'll leave that to whoever gets this box next.

Here, you can see the items that I decided to keep.

Box: gray-b.kept
Click Image to See Full-Size

The remote control goes with a multimedia computer projector I believe. The transformer-looking coil in the back on the left is a heavy duty relay, the type that is used in central heating and air units. Rubber rollers from a printers paper path (say that three times fast!) will probably make good wheels for a robot? The metal idlers must have some intrinsic value. And finally, who doesn't need a spare beeper? I think the pager and the cellular phone are probably from the same era.

And here, you can see what I decided to add to the mix.

Box: gray-b.added
Click Image to See Full-Size

I'm sure the first thing that you notice is that there are oodles of electronic parts. See, I order surprise boxes from Electronic Goldmine on a regular basis and they are full of goodies like you see here. There are capacitors, resistors, diodes, LEDs, connectors, switches... all sorts of junk I'm sure most anyone like me (if there is another such beast) will find useful.

I know that I am supposed to send this on within two weeks or so, but I seem to be running a little late - about two weeks late actually. After repacking the box and getting it ready to send to the next Mad Scientist in line, I took a look at the list of Box Requests. I wanted to send this to someone whom I thought would most appreciate the contents of this box. Half of the requesters didn't have any way to contact them, so I'm going to have to keep looking. As soon as I get an OK the box will be on it's way to it's new stop-over.

I think this project is a great idea and I hope to be the recipient of another box in the future, so if you are looking for someone to send your box to, keep me in mind :) And if you would like you own TGIMBOEJ, make sure your name is added to the list.

UPDATE: I sent the package off to Noah in Boca Raton on December 1st of 2008 and as of today, the Box Tracking page on the TGIMBOEJ Wiki has not been updated to show that the box was ever shipped to the next recipient.


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