Model:    Atari 800XL
Release Date:    1983
Original Price:    $300
Processor:    6502C @ 1.79 MHz
Memory:    64K RAM / 24K ROM

The Atari 800XL (and the enhanced 800XLF) is an upgrade to the 400 and 800 series systems. In addition to the features and circuitry of it's previous siblings, the 800XL sported a brand new Parallel Bus Interface for high speed (for it's time) access to the system bus. In addition, the "ANTIC" graphics chip offered 16 modes instead the 12 modes available on the older models.

The 800XL is supposed to be backwards compatible with all of the software and peripherals from the 400/800 series, but that compatibility was spotty at best. Due to minor differences in the operating systems, certain software titles wouldn't run on the 800XL. To remedy this problem, a "Translator" disk was sold that would load a 400/800 based OS into memory, tricking the software into believing it was running on the older models.

Another feature of the 800XL over the previous 400/800 is the addition of a built-in BASIC interpreter. This not only reduced the need for two cartridge slots, but it also freed the user from having to keep up with the BASIC cartridge. To keep the built-in BASIC from loading at boot time (not quite sure why you would want to do this, but...) you simply hold down the OPTION key during startup.

The 800XLF was released in 1984 and included an additional "FREDDY" memory management chip that took some of the load off the original ICs, allowing for more free space available to programs and enhanced usage of the "ANTIC" video processor.

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Game Controller

Pin #DirJoystick MouseTrackball
Pin 1<--UpXBXDir
Pin 2<--DownXAXMotion
Pin 3<--LeftYAYDir
Pin 4<--RightYBYMotion
Pin 5---PotBn/c?
Pin 6<--FireLButton?
Pin 7-->+5vdc
Pin 8---GND
Pin 9<--PotARButton?

Serial Input/Output Port

Pin 01 <-- Clock Input
Pin 02 --> Clock Output
Pin 03 <-- Data Input
Pin 04 --- Ground
Pin 05 --> Data Output
Pin 06 --- Ground
Pin 07 ??? Command (active low)
Pin 08 --> Motor Control
Pin 09 ??? Proceed (active low)
Pin 10 --> +5dvc/Ready
Pin 11 <-- Audio Input
Pin 12 --> +12vdc
Pin 13 ??? Interrupt (active low)

Monitor Port

Pin 1 --> Composite Luminance
Pin 2 --- Ground
Pin 3 --> Audio Output
Pin 4 --> Composite Video
Pin 5 --> Composite Chroma

Power (+5vdc @ 1.5 Amp)

Pin 1 <-- +5vdc
Pin 2 --- Shield
Pin 3 --- Ground
Pin 4 <-- +5vdc
Pin 5 --- Ground
Pin 6 <-- +5vdc
Pin 7 --- Ground

All Pin-Outs Are Courtesy of the Hardware Book Project

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