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With no where else to show off the stuff I build, I thought what would be better than to inflict my insanity onto you - my captive audience. If you'd like a closer view of any image, just click it. And if you have any comments, you know the drill...

Beyond Time and Space

I love to build clocks, but I have no use for time - go figure! So I thought the perfect art piece for me would be a clock entitled "Beyond Time and Space" - and so it was born. Based on my new favorite microprocessor - the Texas Instruments MSP430 - this piece is completely custom built and hand painted. At 12"x24", it makes, in my humble opinion, a beautiful, one-of-a-kind work of art to hang above your fireplace! Now, I just need a fireplace... lol

If there is enough interest in this, I may think about selling copies on Etsy. Just have to see how that goes. I will update this page if I decide to do that.

All Photos, Designs, Schematics, Code and Elements of "Beyond Time and Space" are
Copyright (c) 2014 by Derek Tombrello

Custom-Built Trainer Lab

I build a lot of circuits. I have plenty of breadboards laying around that I test build on, but I wanted something nice. I have a couple of old Heathkit Trainer Labs, but neither of them had the components, connectors or power voltages that I needed so I decided to build my own. The power supply is a re-purposed ATX computer supply that supplies 3.3v, 5v and 12v - the voltages that I happen to use most often! The 7-segment display is a digital panel meter that can read either it's own power supply, or any voltage applied to it. Of course there's a removable Launchpad that I can use to program TI MSP430 ICs - my go to microprocessor these days. Finally, there is a two-line LCD display that I haven't gotten around to hooking up yet, but it will be attached to a LCD-to-serial converter to simplify hookup. I am also going to add a speaker in there somewhere and there is plenty of room left over for additional components as I need them. To finish the project, the sides were stained with blue stain and panels painted with flat white paint to resemble the Heathkit trainers that inspired this build.

Trainer Lab - finished product Trainer Lab - finished product; back side Trainer Lab - before staining Trainer Lab - MSP430 Launchpad carrier Trainer Lab - MSP430 Launchpad carrier

Zelda-Themed MSP430 Treasure Chest Clock

Combining my love of clocks (although I despise the concept of time) with my love of the Legend of Zelda games, I decided to build a very special treasure chest cabinet from scratch for my Chronulator clock, complete with Triforce displays for the hours and minutes.

Wooden Paddle Boat

front view rear view people close-up deck close-up

Nintendo 3DS to 3DS XL Cradle Modification

modified cradle with 3dsXL