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Welcome to THE Robot Hot Spots on the internet!
Before I forget, be sure to check out my 3D Print Models here on my Thingiverse account. Well... Thingiverse has banned me with no explanation. That's ok, though because that site has been going down the drain for over a year now and it is hemorrhaging users left and right. Visit me on MyMiniFactory and Cults3d, both of which care about their users.

Then you can peruse my Personal Robot Collection and my Wish-List, but I have tried to make each Robot Personality Page as complete and informative as possible. If you are here for computers, then you would be wanting the Computer Division. Go figure, huh?

Then you can head on over to my Book Collection to get an idea of the wonderful books available on robots and robot building. Next you'll want to check out the "Build Your Own" section to get an idea for your next robot project.

If you are here about TGIMBOEJ project (or you're just curious about what all of them there letters stand for) jump on over to this page.

I am happy to announce that, with the help of a Pocket PC, you can now control ALL of your infrared robots without the need for multiple remotes! As we share our own IR codes, I hope to be able to host the codes for every infrared robot ever made. Click here to check out our latest project...

And Don't Forget to Visit
ShelbyCycle.com and ShelbyTVService.com
We Need the Money! :)

Speaking of money... running (and stocking) this virtual musem does take money. Since I hate all those freaking advertisements, I refuse to run them. That is why I am printing this request at the bottom of this page. I do all of this out of my own pocket as a labor of love, but if everyone who visited were able to donate even a single dollar, there would be more than enough to defray the electric and internet costs as well as to purchase more robots and computers to add to the collection. And of course, robotic and computer donations are always welcome...

You Can Donate By Clicking the Button Below

Or, if you'd like, you are welcome to donate via Bitcoin:

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