Talking Little Smart Smarty
item #91-00611-008 by VTech

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This is another one of those robots that I have absolutely no information on! This appears to be a copy of the Alphie robot. Unlike Alphie, there are selector buttons on both sides of his chest instead of slide switches although there is an "action" button on top of his head. It would appear that this robot uses cards and booklets, as well. Just like it's predecessor, TLSS responds with happy sounds when you are correct and sad sounds when you are wrong. One other difference is the addition of an "Off" button on TLSS.

If you know any more than I do (which shouldn't be too hard), let me know...

Year Released: ???
Original Price: $ ???

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries

Dimensions: 11" tall x 9½" wide
Weight: 2 lbs

Click Here to Download the Talking Little Smart Smarty Owner's Manual