Alphie II
item #500 by Playskool

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Alphie's little brother, this robot offered the same educational opportunities as the original model, with pushbuttons instead of slider switches. You still need the paper cards that you insert for each game or lesson.

In addition to the standard lesson mode, there are also spelling, math, music and guessing game modes - each selected by it's own pushbutton along the bottom edge of the robots torso. Then select the appropriate buttons on either side of the card. If you make an incorrect selection, Alphie II will scold you with an "sor-ry" sound. Make a correct choice and he will respond with a "happy" noise.

If you have any games or card sets for Alphie that you are willing to get rid of - or even scan - please email me.

Year Released: 1986
Original Price: $20

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:   4 x AA batteries

Dimensions: 10½" tall x 9" wide
Weight: 1.62 lbs

Click Here To Download the Aphie II Owner's Manual