R/C Space Buddies
item # ??? by Tomy

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I have spent several months trying to locate information on this cute little guy. I wasn't getting too far, though, because the only clue I had was the company - Tomy - and the name Space Buddies. Typing those terms into Google didn't get me anywhere, until tonight. I finally found a site that had him listed for sale at one time (he's now obsolete and no longer available), only he was listed by another name - Beep. Using that name I was able to find one site (Amazon.co.uk) that at least had something about this elusive little robot and his best friend Bopp.

Really nothing more than a remote control toy for younger children, Beep moves forward and spins in circles. All while "speaking" his own language made up of two sounds - Boyng and Tek (Bopps sounds are Jero and Rrap, whatever those are). Both robot's heads, arms, eyes and tails wiggle as they speed along their merry little way.

As usual, I am in need of a remote control for Beep...

Year Released: ???
Original Price: $ ???

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:
   1 x 9 volt (for remote)
   3 x AA batteries (for robot)