Robosapien V2
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It's amazing what you can find at the thrift stores! This guy had a slight limp when I found him and no battery covers on his feet, but we brought him home, gave him a new pair of shoes and hip replacement surgery and he is feeling fit as a fiddle. Actually, all kidding aside, one of the plastic pins that was supposed to be holding a spring in place was broken. A little epoxy fixed that right up. The battery covers were a little harder. Odd shapes coupled with the fact that each plate had to have a positive-negative battery connector in exactly the right place made those an all day affair.

As for what he can do, I must say he is quite impressive. At almost double the height of his older brother, RSV2 (as he likes to be called) also sports a color camera vision system and stereophonic hearing. Make a sound and RSV2 will turn towards the noise and comment. Hold an object in front of his face and he can detect the color and track it from side to side.

Movement-wise, he could give iSobot a run for his money. RSV2 can bend over backwards, lay down and then rise back up to his feet all by himself. Not bad for a robot of his stature.

Programming is accomplished either through the controller, like the other Robos or, more interesting, by simply positioning him the way you would like him to move. He can remember and then mimic the paces that you have put him through .As an added bonus, RSV2 is able to communicate with other RSV2s, RoboRaptors and RoboPets.

Year Released: 2003
Original Price: $250

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:
   6 x D batteries & 4 AAA batteries (for robot)
   3 x AAA batteries (for remote)

Dimensions: 22" tall x 13' wide
Weight: 8 lbs

RF Frequency: N/A (infrared)

Click Here to Download the RSV2 Owner's Manual