Robosapien RS Media
item #8061 by WowWee

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This is the latest and most advanced creation from the mind of Mark Tilden and the researchers at WowWee. The only thing this robot is lacking is a wireless connection to the internet! He has all of the capabilities of the original Robosapien and the V2 without any of the drawbacks.

Various media formats are playable on this walking entertainment system including AVI, MP3, WAV, JPG and even JAR - Java-based games (three such games come pre-installed). You can take photographs with the built-in camera or record sounds through the built-in microphone. RS Media has four personalities built in or you can create and upload your own with the included RS Media Editing Suite.

RS Media has sensors that allow him to detect sounds and from which direction those sounds originate from. There is a tilit sensor that will shout down his other systems to prevent damge if he is knocked over or falls down. Sensors in his claws allow the robot to know whether or not an attempt to pick up an object was sucessful or not. If all of that were not enough, there is a detailed vision system that allows RS to detect objects and color as well as tracking and object avoidance.

In addition to full remote control of all movements through the remote or buttons on his arms, you can program movements in a number of different ways - through the remote or over a USB connection for example.

Year Released: 2006
Original Price: $299

   fully articulated movements that allow humanoid motion
      including bending, sitting, standing, lying down and getting back up
   IR obstacle avoidance and tracking
   color vision that can recognize colors and skin tones
   stereoscopic sound detection
   MP3 audio playback
   able to display photos or play movies
   interacts with the others in the Robo family line
   1.9" 16-bit color TFT LCD screen
   head mounted digital camera
   11 watt stereo speakers
   Linux embedded operating system
   40 Mbytes flash memory upgradeable with SD memory card
   USB PC connection available

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 6 x D batteries and 4 x AA batteries
   7.5vdc 3.1amp, tip-positive "wall-wart" power supply
   3 x AA batteries (for remote)

Supported Medi Formats:
   AVI - up to 320 x 240 QVGA
   MP3 - up to 192 Kbps in 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 32 kHz or 44.1 kHz < 10 MB
   WAV - any < 10 MB
   JPG - up to 1024 x 768

Dimensions: 23" tall x 14.5"wide x 12" deep
Weight: 9 lbs.

Minimum Requirements for RS Media Editing Suite
   Microsoft Windows XP SP2
   Pentium III 1.5 GHz CPU
   256 Mb RAM
   16 Mb video card recommended

Alas, there does not appear to be any Apple/Mac support :(

RF Frequency: N/A (infrared)

Click Here to Download the RS Media Owner's Manual

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