Roomba Discovery SE
item #4220 by iRobot

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I promised my girlfriend when I bought this on Woot that this guy would be safe for one year. Right now, this is a great little vacuum cleaner, but after one year, he will be a Franken-bot! This thing is ripe for hacking. There is almost nothing that you can't do with it! With the serial port, for which iRobot offers full documentation, all you need is a laptop, PDA or microcontroller and you have a base upon which you can build almost anything. With a hacked LinkSys router, you can even put your Roomba on the net!

Year Released: 2004
Original Price: $270

   locates and returns to it's base on its own to recharge
   Active Dirt Detection - increases cleaning time for dirtier areas
   Cliff Sensors prevent it from going over the edge
   three cleaning modes - Spot, Clean and Max
   Stasis Sensor - detects when it's stuck and initiates an escape routine
   easily replaceable brushes
   replaceable filter
   bagless operation
   automatically adjusts for hardwood, tile, linoleum and low to medium pile carpet
   infrared remote control
   2 Virtual Wall Beacons - blocks doorways with an infrared beam
   Scheduling function lets you set the best time for your robot to start working

Technical Specifications:
Microcontroller: 16-bit Motorola Freescale MC9S12E128CPV
Memory: 128 kbit flash, 8 kbit RAM

Power Supply:
   proprietary 14.4v 3.3ah NiMH battery pack ( 12 x sub-C NiMH cells )
   22vdc 1.25a switch-mode battery charger - Tip Positive
   2 x D batteries (one for each "beacon")
   2 x AA batteries (for remote)

Dimensions: 1" tall x 15" diameter

RF Frequency: N/A (infrared remote)

Click Here to Download the Roomba Discovery Owner's Manual

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