Rock'em Sock'em Robots
item #68896 by Mattel

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This is the re-released version of the 1965 classic game as produced by Mattel, the owners of the original Marx Toys company. This latest incarnation is about one-half the size of the original.

Two players face each other across a yellow plastic "boxing ring", each controlling either a red or a blue robot (the "Red Rocker" or the "Blue Bomber", respectively) using a pair of joysticks. By pushing buttons on the joysticks, you take jabs at your opponents robot. Hit the other robot hard enough and at the right angle and... POW! Watch as your fighter knocks the other guys head clean off! Well, maybe not clean off. But it does pop up on a spring loaded neck.

I have yet to come across an affordable original, so I will have to settle for this reproduction for the time being - unless one of you care to donate a 1965 game to the Robot Museum :)

Year Released: 2000
Original Price: $22

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: N/A (kid powered)

Dimensions: 9" tall x 10" wide x 13½" deep
Weight: 2 lbs