Soda Can Robug
item #00-03266 by 4M Industrial Development

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I'm not a tree-hugging enviromentalist, but I still know a cool robot when I see one! You supply the soda can (hence the "green" tie-in: recycling), build the plastic robot frame, install the batteries and, hopefully, watch your little creature buzz around the floor.

I had to bend the wire "legs" several times before finding a combination that worked without having the bug fall over on his side every couple of seconds. You'll also have to make sure that the surface you operate your Robug on is relatively smooth and flat - no carpet!

BTW- notice the can that I chose? Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale. If you have never tried it, this is the best drink ever to come out of the South! "Mellowed a million minutes or more." Talk about a kick...

UPDATE: The battery connector on my Robug split apart at the end, apparently too much pressure from the battery against the contact spring. I emailed the company, 4M Industrial Development, to see if I could get a replacement piece. To my surprise,they shipped me a brand new kit! I must say that I am impressed with this type of commitment to customer service.

Year Released: 2007
Original Price: $10

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries

Dimensions: 5½" tall x 7" wide x 5½" long
Weight: 2.9 ounces

Click Here to Download the Soda Can Robug Owner's Manual