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This is by far one of the most entertaining robots I own. Even without a remote (more on that later), this little guy is fun. As soon as you turn him on, he goes into playful mode. He will wander around autonomously, avoiding obstacles and exploring his new surroundings.

What really amazed me the most was the he can roll over onto his back and then stand himself upright again. And just for laughs, he even hikes up his rear leg and... well, marks his territory!

If my remote were working, I could use it to "train" my Robopet to perform tricks or fully control his every movement. I'd much rather leave him to his own devices however. It's just as well. I emailed WowWee and told them that my remote had quit working. Their only answer was to give me the web address of their online store so that I could purchase a replacement for $20. Oh well...

** UPDATE ** This is a first for me. At a thrift store today, we actually found a remote without a robot! So we finally have a remote for this robot.

There are infrared sensors to detect objects in front of itself and there is even an "edge detection" mode so you can place him on your desk without worrying about it falling off the edge and breaking his little plastic neck. The only problem is that the edge detection mechanism only works when the robot is moving forward... so chances are that it'll fall off the desk backwards as it retreats from the front edge.

Year Released: 2005
Original Price: $100

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 7 x AAA batteries (4 for robot - 3 for remote)

Dimensions: 6" tall x 5" wide x 10" long
Weight: 1 lb

RF Frequency: N/A (infrared)

Click Here to Download the RoboPet Owner's Manual

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