Robot Bank
item # 04004 by Wah Hing (sold by Sharper Image)

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I had never seen this robot before until I found him on eBay. I was looking for a robot bank, and when I found this, I had to have it. As soon as I received it in the mail, I found two more on subsequent trips to the Thrift Store! It's funny how you never see something until you own it - then you see it everywhere. I now have three: a black one, a silver one and a white one.

I have to say that this is by far the most polite robot in my collection. Each time you enter or leave a room or walk past one of these fellows, he will say one of the following: "Oh, hello!" "Have a nice day." "I am hungry. Please fill me up." "Hello. How are you?" or "Don't forget to add coins today." It is so cool when you turn on a light in the room and your bank greets you with "Oh, hello!" And in the morning, when his internal alarm clock goes off, you are waken with "Time to get up!" instead of that irritating 'beeep-beeep-beeep' you get from most alarm clocks.

In addition to his charming personality, this bank identifies each coin and says the coin's name as you drop each one in. It then keeps a running total of all the money you have deposited or withdrawn. Of course, you have to be honest on that last part   :)

Year Released: ??
Original Price: $ 40

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries

Dimensions: 9¼" x 6"
Weight: 1 lb