These are some of the robot-related toys that I have collected. None of these really warrant their own full page right now so, for the time being, they will all live here...

To see a larger view of any of the photos below (if one is available), simply click on the image and the full-size photo will open in a new window.

here is a group photo of my smaller robot toys

I picked up this little game at a local Dollar Tree

I found these three glow-in-the-dark Robosapien puzzles at Big Lots for $2 each

here we have two mint condition Star Wars Beanines, an R2D2 cup and an R2D2 coffee mug

Robots and Pez just seem to go together, don't they?
The large C3PO in the middle is 12" tall and plays the Star Wars theme song each time you tilt his head back

Terminator's T700 sandwiched between Lego Technics ThrowBots and Bionical

This is a replica of one of the earliest known robot toys to come from Japan around the 1940's. A simple wind-up walking robot, this is one of my more cherished robots - I won it in a contest! The editor of a really cool retro-computing magazine (300 Baud) ran a postcard-mail-in contest - and I won it! I must have been the only entry :)

this is a doll of Rodney from the movie Robots
and an 8" tall Asimo hand-puppet - I love the Thrift Store!
the green dude isn't exactly a robot, but I like him... one of the Intel Bunny Suit guys

first, a Tekno-style robot-dog keychain
next, four stretch! rubber robots from Club Earth
and then a cool set of magnetic Colorform-style robot parts

What collection would be complete without a model kit or two?
First is B9 from Lost in Space and then a PocketMonster walking, shooting model kit from Tomy - the Omnibot and iSobot creators - followed by Robby from Forbidden Planet And yes, B9 is that small!

finally, these are random toys that didn't make it into the group photo :(

I don't know about you, but I don't think that a robot web site would be complete without offering the Mr. Roboto video by Styx. Let me warn you, though, that the file is about 63 megs, so if you're on dial-up, you might want to set this to download overnight.