R.A.D. 2.0
item #80899 by ToyMax

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I'm not personally familiar with everything that this robot can since, being a Thrift Store find, I don't have the remote. But from what I've read, it seems to be a pretty cool robot.

It can move any any direction, bend over and pick up items and even talk in a robotic voice (by broadcasting your own voice). All of this is controlled either by remote or voice control. There is a tray (which I am also missing) for carrying items. And when diplomatic relations break down, there are three missiles that can be fired.

As always, if you have a remote or the tray to contribute, please email me.

Year Released: 1999
Original Price: $ ???

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:
   1 x 6v rechargeable battery pack (Tyco-type, not included with robot!)
   1 x 9-volt battery (for remote)

Dimensions: 23" tall x 14" wide
Weight: 7 lbs

RF Frequency: ???

Click Here to Download the R.A.D. 2.0 Owner's Manual