R2-D2 Industrial Automaton
Interactive Astromech Droid

item #85893 by Hasbro

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This by far one of the coolest robots in my arsenal! At 15" tall, with voice control and autonomous modes, it's hard to call this a toy. This is the original version, not the 30th Anniversary re-issue.

I bought this brand new at Wal-Mart when it first came out, but being as how I hate to spend money, I couldn't justify the $90 or so that it cost me at the time. Unbelievably, I took it back. For three years I regretted that. I wound up purchasing this one on eBay in like new condition with the box, manual and all accessories for the exact same price that I paid for it originally! Go figure...

He will sing, dance, patrol the area and even discuss characters from the Star Wars movie. There are even several games that he can play with you. With his retractable arm, he can hold you beer can for you, but unless you have your wife in the kitchen to take the beer out of the fridge and place it in his hand, he isn't going to be able to serve it to you... : (

Year Released: 2002
Original Price: $100

   Responds to over 40 Voice Commands
   Utility Arm / Soda Holder
   Removable Sensorscope
   Illuminating Light Beam
   Sound, Heat and Sonar sensors
   Adaptable Mood Status Indicator
   Rotating Dome and Working Wheels

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 4 x AA and 4 x D batteries

Dimensions: 16" tall x 6" wide
Weight: 6 lbs

Click Here To Download the R2-D2 Interactive Owner's Manual