MildGirl Perigee
item # ??? by Bandai

image missing

I must confess, I almost hit the floor when we found this at the local Thrift Store! I like to collect odd shaped radios (yes, I have a lot of collections) and you already know that I am really into robots. So to find both of those two combined into one! I know that this is not the only robo-radio (I've got my eyes on a Mr. DJ), but hey.

I'm not sure exactly what this robots name is - On the bottom it says AM Radio MildGirl Perigee" so that's what we're going with. Even though the name claims AM, both AM and FM are incorporated into his design. This little guy is even an alarm clock.

I'm missing the battery cover and one of the white arm bands, but I can easily make those pieces. Other than that, he is in surprising good condition.

Year Released: 1984
Original Price: $ ???

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 1 x 9v battery and 1 x AA battery

Dimensions: 6" tall x 4½" diameter
Weight: 0.96 lbs