item # 94711 by EZ-TEC/Scientific Toys

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Cool looking, but just your average bump 'n go robot with flashing lights and swinging arms. Other than that, I have no other information on this robot.

Thanks to eBayer vegeta080, I now know that the information I had on this robot is incorrect. While it does seem to be a "bump 'n go" style robot, it is actually remote controlled. According to the box, Ozzi is "highly mobile", able to go "forward and spin 360°". His arms also move up and down while "real voice sound effects" are emitted from his chest. And finally, he has a "flashing LED eye and chest". Who knew?

Year Released: ???
Original Price: $ ???

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries

RF Frequency: 27.145 MHz

Dimensions: 12" tall x 8" wide
Weight: 2 lbs