Omnibot 2000
item #5404 by Tomy

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This recent addition to my robot collection - the Omnibot 2000 - is just coming out of the ICU ward of the Robot Wing due to a broken arm. From my experience with these fantastic robots, this is a common malady. The problem occurs when the right shoulder joint breaks loose from the arm. I have successfully reproduced the shoulder joint by making a mold from the original and casting a new piece out of two-part plastic resin. The part is not quite ready for primetime yet - there are a few voids around the perimeter that I need to stop from forming. If I am successful in my mad experiments, I hope to be able to offer this high failure part for sale soon!


Well, I never was able to get the molded joint to come out properly, but... the very first object I modeled with my new, first ever, 3D printer was a replacement joint. For the time being, I am offering the model file for this piece for free if want to print one yourself. You can download the STL file for it from my Thingiverse account here. So long as this remains free, I will happily leave it up. If I find anyone selling it, I will pull the files. If you do not have a 3D printer, I will be happy to print one for you. Just shoot me an email.

Year Released: 1984
Original Price: $600

   Built-in Digital Clock with Programmable Alarm
   Built-in Cassette Deck (used to record and playback movement and sounds)
   Memory with Storage Capacity for up to 7 Programs
   On-board Speaker
   Articulated Arm, Wrist, Hand and Head
   Motorized Tray for Carrying Objects and Serving Drinks
   Eyes Strobe in Response to Audio
   Interface Panel for Optional Accessories
   External Speaker Jack
   Remote Control Operation

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:
   AA batteries (2 for the tape deck and 4 for the remote)
   6v 4ah rechargeable sealed lead acid battery for main power
      ( 2 3/4" L x 1 3/4" W x 4" H - Tip Negative )
   6v 300ma - Tip Negative "wall-wart" type charger

Eye-Light Bulbs:
   2.8v 200ma (not to exceed 3v 250ma)

Dimensions: 24" tall x 15" wide
Weight: 16 lbs

RF Frequency:
   49.860 MHz (US) - 27.145 MHz (Europe) - 4 0.680 MHz (rest of the world)

External Outputs:
   Output: 6vdc
   Speaker: 8 ohms
   R/C: output 5vdc 800ma
   Timer: output 6vdc 100ma
   Sensor: only for Tomy accessories

Click Here to Download the Omnibot 2000 Owner's Manual

Just in case you wanted to see Omnibot 2000 awaiting surgery...
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