Wiser the Robot
item #ODY1815 & ODY2006 by Odyssey Marketing

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I found one of these at the Thrift Store one day, but didn't get it because I figured (correctly) that it needed a remote. At the time, I was tired of obtaining robots without hope of getting the remotes. After I got home, I looked this guy up on the internet and found out that I could purchase the remote from the company for five bucks. I figured the next week when I went back, I'd get the robot since the remote was was so cheap. Of course, the following week it was gone. Anyway, long story short, a couple of weeks later I found both of these at the same Thrift Store on separate aisles.

I had a little trouble getting the remote for the robot on the right - his name is M.I.K.E.Y. by the way (the robot on the left is N.A.T.I.) The remote is shown next to the robot, but it isn't listed on their parts page. The girl in customer service was very helpful in locating this for me, so I ordered both remotes and a set of discs (more on that in a minute). Well, my luck, N.A.T.I.'s remote didn't work farther than six inches from his face. They swapped the remote out and even gave me a free pack of discs (I kinda hinted that I wouldn't mind an extra set since I had two robots)! I am still working on getting a set of instructions, so check back if you need a set.

From what I understand, N.A.T.I. was the first robot released in 2005 for $50 as item number ODY-1815. Then, in 2006, he was re-released along with M.I.K.E.Y as a set for $38, or individually for $23 each (hmm... that's odd - they're cheaper if you buy them separately instead of as a set). Then new item numbers are ODY-2006-N and ODY-2006-M respectively, or ODY-2006 for the set.

OK, OK... the discs - They are small foam discs, about an inch and a half in diameter that you load in to the robots on top. Then, using the remote, you can fire these spinning discs at your opponent - or whatever else gets in your way!

Both robots can walk in any direction, talk (although some of what they say doesn't sound anything like the English that I learned!) and yes... they can even dance! And since they operate on different IR frequencies, you and a friend can play with both robots at the same time.

Year Released: 2005
Original Price: $50 each

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:
   4 x AA batteries (for robot)
   2 x AA batteries (for remote)

Dimensions: 12" tall x 7½" wide
Weight: 1.75 lbs

RF Frequency: n/a (infrared)

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