My Pal 2000
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This cute looking robot is designed as a buddy for your four year old (or older) child. No remote is needed for this one, as he is voice-activated and responds with over 70 phrases and sounds.

I found two within a week at two different Thrift Stores. The first one was in a plastic bag with the inside front flap cut off the box included with it! Anyone who is familiar with Buford Salmons America's Thrift Stores knows that that in itself is almost like a small miracle.

From the inside front flap:

"My brain lights up when I talk. My baseball cap is removable. Watch my eyes, ears nose and mouth move as I talk. I'll play catch with you using my removable funnel. Store your favorite things in my futuristic backpack. Play three interactive games on my chest. I'll pitch to you. Pull out my hideaway electronic hoop so we can play basketball. Adjust my legs to make me sit or stand. Roll me backwards or forwards and I'll speak. 3 foam balls and durable bat included. Shake my hand and show me we're pals. Use my removable flashlight to see in the dark. Tickle me to make me laugh. Store my flashlight in my backpack."

I don't have the flashlight or the balls for either robot and I am missing the baseball cap and the funnel for one of them. I was going to use the second one that I bought as parts to fix the other, since it wasn't in fantastic condition physically. Turns out, I was able to fix the second one rather quickly. I found several wires broken, cut and kinked up. For some reason, they decided to use solid core wire in joints that are rotated! Once I replaced those wires (with stranded wire, of course), he worked perfectly.

I am still trying to locate an instruction manual for this...

Year Released: 2000
Original Price: $40

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 3 x C batteries

Dimensions: 16" tall