Mio Pup
item #75048 by Hasbro

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I'll admit it. As much as I enjoy robotic pets, they're all kind of the same. Feed em, play with them, spend time with them... hmmm... On second thought, I guess they are pretty close to real pets. This one was bought for my girlfriend. Funny story - We had actually seen a blue one at a competitors thrift store but the rubber covering the tail was missing, so we left it. Then, in a different chain fifty miles away, an hour later, she saw this one sitting on a shelf - complete with clothes. She couldn't grab it up fast enough! Coincience? I think not...

I'll be honest, though - after writing numerous pages on this type of robotic pet, my write-ups are starting to feel a little robotic (if you'll pardon the (very bad) pun). So, on that note, I give you this direct from the manufacturers web site:

The Future of Friendship has arrived! Meet Mio Pup, the ultra-cool, interactive companion that uses Emotronic technology to show you how she's feeling through the 100+ "eye-con" images that light up in her eyes!

When you touch Mio Pup's sensors, she will show you how much she likes to be pet and played with by wiggling her ears, wagging her tail, and even playing her own Mio Pup tunes!

When your Mio Pup companion gets hungry, "feed" her her bone and she holds it in her mouth. Take it away too early, and your Mio Pup pet will let you know!

Talk to your Mio Pup companion and she "babbles" back. Tickle Mio Pup's chin and she'll strut with her own Mio Pup moves!

Bring home your Mio Pup pet and you'll be best friends forever. The more you hang out together, the better friends you'll become.

Year Released: 2007
Original Price: $50

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries


Click Here To Download the Mio Pup Owner's Manual