LawnBott Ambrogio
by Kyodo America Paradise Robotics

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-=[ UPDATE ]=- I have been informed by Paradise Robotics that this line of robots has been purchased by them from Kyodo America and that the bots are no longer called LawnBott. They are now called "Ambrogio ... (the original name by Zucchetti)." Sounds like a good Italian name to me! :)

This is more of a category than any one robot in particular. I have always wanted a robotic lawnmower, but I was just too lazy... err... I mean busy to build one of my own. Now this company has a complete line of robotic mowers already built and ready to go. And everything is fully automatic, even recharging itself when it is through cutting your grass! The only thing I would have preferred is the charger - I would like for it to be solar so as to be completely self-contained, but hey - they built it and I didn't!

I just found out that this company is in a partnership with an Italian company called Zucchetti Centro Sistemi. As an Italian myself, I now want one of these so much more! :)

Original Price: $1400 - $4000

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