Tekno Kitty
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Does your girlfriend want a kitten around the house, but you don't think it's macho? How about a compromise? Give this little robot a try first. There's plenty of time to be whipped after you're married :)

Just like a real cat, you will need to shower this feline with plenty of attention. She's also going to need to be kept well fed. In exchange, she will reward you with hours of entertainment. And just like a real cat, you can teach her new tricks - only better. I doubt she could've taught her childhood kitten to do card tricks... could she? And if her previous cat could speak English, then you can afford a robot dog (i.e. Aibo) to terrify kitty! Your new kitten can even wake you up - she makes a great alarm clock.

Like the other Tekno pets, Kitten will interact with the robots in the Tekno line.

Year Released: 2002
Original Price: $80

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:  4 x AA batteries

Dimensions: 8½" tall x 4½" wide x 10½" long
Weight: 1.45 lbs

Click Here to Download the Tekno Kitty Owner's Manual