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"The World's Most Intelligent Talking Doll"

Ok, before any of you start judging me for playing with dolls, you need to understand that this is not just any ordinary doll. Julie is pretty convincing as far as artificial intelligence goes. From a child's perspective, she's almost alive. And since I included the Teddy Ruxpin family in my robot collection, I couldn't very well leave Julie (or her sister Pamela) out in the cold, now could I? After all, they are from the same Worlds of Wonder family.

Just like her brother-from-another-mother, Teddy Ruxpin, her eyes blink and her mouth moves as she talks. But unlike any other robot in my collection, Julie is able to sense light, motion and even temperature! Turn the lights on and she might say "Oh, my it's bright." Turn them back off and she may ask "Who turned out the lights?" She can tell you when she gets too cold and if you pick her up, she'll ask you where you are taking her.

She works straight out of the box, but there were cartridges available for her that would increase her vocabulary and give her a wider range of subjects to talk about. Some of these cartridges (maybe all of them, I'm not sure) came with outfits themed to fit the subject matter that you could dress her up in - just like her siblings.

The Julie that I have is currently in several boxes and containers. Someone <as I look around innocently> left batteries in the doll while she was in storage. Battery acid leaked all over the battery compartment, down onto the board and all over the dolls fabric body. After repairing the circuit board and cleaning the battery compartment, I am going to have to resew (or get my girlfriend to resew) a new body out of fabric. Battery acid, it appears, is excellent for dry rotting cloth material. Just in case you ever need to know that. If you would like to save me the trouble (and embarrassment) of sewing a doll body and you happen to have a Julie that you are willing to part with, please let me know!

I was lucky enough to win a Julie doll relatively inexpensive on eBay in what appears to be good working order, so now I can use the other doll as a spare parts doll. Good thing she signed her organ donor card before her accident, huh?

Year Released: 1987
Original Price: $100

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 4 x C batteries


Click Here to Download Julie's Owner's Manual