item #75024 by Hasbro

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I don't know if you consider this a robot, per se, but since I do, here it is...

These MP3 accessories come in a variety of styles and colors - as you can see I have the Spiderman i-Spidey version. When you feed an audio signal into this little dog, either through an audio patch cable or by setting it next to a speaker, LEDs in his head will flash various patterns and he will occasionally shake his head and ears. If your MP3 pet goes for too long without any musical stimulation, he gets restless and starts to complain. Eventually, he will go into sleep mode.

As is standard in the robot world, you can decipher your pets emotional state by studying the differing patterns and colors of the LEDs. I'll be honest with you, I would think that manufacturers could come up with a better system for gauging moods than this tired LED design. Sometimes I think it's easier to judge the moods of my girlfriend than those of my robots!

Even though the little speaker, powered by a built-in amplifier, sounds better than the output of my iPaq, it is by no means high-fidelity! As long as you don't expect Bose-quality sound, I think you'll enjoy this.

Year Released: 2005
Original Price: $25

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries

Dimensions: 4" tall x 3" wide x 5" long
Weight: 6 ounces

Click Here To Download the i-Dog Owner's Manual