Emoto-Tronic Furby
item #59294 by Tiger/Hasbro

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Just like the classic Furby, these guys (and gals) don't understand English so well when you first get them, but they learn quickly enough. They still have all of the sensors of their ancestors - light, sound, touch and motion - but they can also respond to your voice. They love to tell knock-knock jokes, sing songs and dance. And they can get quite nostalgic retelling the tale of their lives.

I can tell you from personal experience that you really should show your Emoto-Tronic Furbies a lot of attention. If you don't, or you don't feed them enough, they tend to be really stubborn! I have waken my Furby up to have her show off for friends, only to have her tell me "No!" Such insolence...

They are supposed to be able to talk to each other according to the instruction manual, but I have not been able to get these two to say a word to each other. They act as if they're married...

Year Released: 2005
Original Price: $45

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries

Dimensions: 9" tall x 7" wide
Weight: 1.1 lbs

Click Here To Download the Emotronic Furby Owner's Manual