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You should have seen me riding back from the Thrift Store with Emiglio strapped to the back of my motorcycle! I now have a total of three of these Italian made robots.

Emiglio can move in any direction and can 'speak' anything that you say through the 'walkie-talkie' remote in one of three voices - human, robot and martian. He even has a serving tray - just drape a napkin over his other wrist, put a black bow tie on him and presto! You have your own little butler.

There is a 6vdc barrel connector on the base. I guess this was so that you can use rechargeable C-size batteries.

Year Released: ???
Original Price: $100

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:
   1 x 9-volt battery (for remote)
   4 x C batteries - alkaline or rechargable (for robot)

Dimensions: 24½" tall x 12½" wide
Weight: 8 lbs

RF Frequency: 27.125 MHz

Click Here to Download the Emiglio Owner's Manual