Dino-Chi T-Rex
item #1680 by Tiger/Hasbro

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Ok, out of all of the robots I own, this simple robotic pet is one of my favorites. The reason is probably something that most of you wouldn't even care about. Sure, you have to take care of him, just like any robo-pet. You have to "feed" him with his little magnetic mammal. You can let him battle other Dino-Chi's. In addition to his light, sound and touch sensors, this guy comes equipped with biorhythmic moods - 8 different moods that last about 30 minutes each.

No, none of that is why I fell in love with this throwback from the future. The reason I find this robot so amazing is that this is the only robot, dinosaur or otherwise, that I know of that plays Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th Symphony "Ode to Joy!"

Year Released: 2001
Original Price: $30

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 3 x AAA batteries

Dimensions: 5" tall x 4" wide x 9" long
Weight: 0.8 lbs

Click Here To Download the Dino-Chi Owner's Manual