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If you have ever seen The Black Hole, you will no doubt experience déjà vu when you first see this little robot. For some reason, his creators saw fit to model him after the robotic side kick Vincent. I am lucky enough to own both a white and a grey version - both won as part of an eBay lot.

Basically a Big Trak in a robot disguise, CompuRobot sports a custom 4-bit microprocessor that is capable storing up to 48 command sequences. These instructions are entered via a 25-key keypad located on top of his head. The manual includes several example programs that range from simple to advanced.

A couple of features unique to CompuRobot as opposed to Big Trak are the inclusion of a "head"light (actually it's mounted in his chest) and a three speed "transmission." The first lets you run your robot in the dark. The latter is more interesting. The manual refers to 'first gear,' 'second gear' and 'third gear.' I haven't dissected either one of mine yet, so I don't know if these are actually gear sets or if this just varies the voltage to the drive motor. If this is really a 3-speed transmission, that in itself makes this is cool little toy!

Year Released: mid-80's
Original Price: $ 39 [thank you D. Gies for that information]

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries & 1 x 9-volt battery

Dimensions: 6½" tall x 5" diameter
Weight: 1.1 lbs

Click Here to Download the CompuRobot Owner's Manual