CommandoBOT 4
item #250135 by MGA

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Another voice control robot that I do not have a remote for ( email me if you have a remote without a robot) thanks to my local Thrift Store. He is also missing one of his missiles, as you can see, but it's pure luck that the other five are still there!

From what I've read, you can either control this by voice or by remote. In addition to that, he also has Room Guard mode and Spy Mode. With one hand, you can have him grasp, carry and release object while carrying out armed battle with the other hand - you can launch up to all six missiles at one time!

Year Released: 2001 (?)
Original Price: $ ???

   voice recognition - responds only to you
   speak through the robot in a robotic voice
   fully functional claw
   selectable missle launcher
   powerful "Spotlight Eye"
   super traction wheels traverse any terrain

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:
   4 x D batteries (for robot motors)
   1 x 9-volt battery (for robot electronics)
   1 x 9-volt battery (for remote)

Dimensions: 18" tall x 10" wide

RF Frequency: ???

Click Here to Download page 1 of the CommandoBot 4 Owner's Manual
Click Here to Download page 2 of the CommandoBot 4 Owner's Manual