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CommandoBOT is voice controlled through a headset remote control (which of course I do not have). He will respond to 18 commands, including four pre-programmed missions and one mission that you can program using the keypad on his chest. There is also a Room Guard mode, where he will sound an alarm if a room is intruded and the correct command or key code is not entered. And just in case you want to spy on someone without being seen yourself, you can send your robot in and listen in to everything with the built-in walkie-talkie mode - because no one is going to notice a foot and a half tall robot walking into the room, right?

Year Released: 2000
Original Price: $

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:
   1 x 9v battery and 4 x D batteries (for robot)
   1 x 9v battery (for remote)

Dimensions: 17" tall x11" wide
Weight: 5 lbs

Click Here to Download the CommandoBot Owner's Manual