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Coinstruction Robot

If you're like me, I'm sure you have plenty of spare change laying around. And you can only fill up so many various shaped banks and five gallon buckets before it gets boring. This (and the other kits in the CoinStruction series) are a sure-fire way to bring a little excitement into your coins. Or if you happen to have a rare coin collection with a lot of pennies, you can even hide your collection in plain sight!

It took us between two and three hours to put the kit together with me doing half and my girlfriend doing the other half at the same time. If you are going at this alone, it might take you about double that time. In any event, set a side an evening and make sure that you have a large (about two foot by four foot) area where the various sections can be put aside while you are working on the next one. As you can see, the end result is pretty impressive - if I do say so myself.

Year Released: 2003
Original Price: $17

Change Required: $8.26 ( 226 pennies - 6 nickels - 12 quarters )

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