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These little guys look cute as can be. They look cuter than they really are! I may just have extremely high standards, though. See, the Chatterbot that I picked, Devil / Angel, doesn't even move it's mouth like the other two. All mine does is bob his head back and forth as his eyes and horns light up.

You plug a Chatterbot into the USB port on any Windows XP / Vista computer or a Mac running OS X. Your new deskmate will then monitor every thing that you type and the programs that you open. Whenever you open certain programs or type certain trigger phrases, Chatterbot will remark with some appropriate quip. Occasionally, he'll say something just to be talking. I will admit that some of the things that Devil / Angel comes up with is pretty funny, though.

In addition to using your Chatterbot as a speaker for your computer, you can use it as a stand-alone amplifier for your MP3 player (or Walkman if you still enjoy past technology).

Year Released: 2008
Original Price: $50

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply:
   4 x AAA batteries (only needed for stand-alone operation)

Dimensions: 7¼" tall by 4¾" square
Weight: 10 ounces

Click Here to Download the Chatterbot Owner's Manual

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