item #59704 by Tiger/Hasbro

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Bot-Ster is a cute little robot friend that fits perfectly on top of your (now antique) CRT computer monitor to keep you company on those long nights reverse-engineering code. With an AC power cord-style tail and it's battery-shaped energy module, Bot-Ster will fit right in with the rest of your gear.

I can assure you that you will never get lonely as long as you keep Bot-Ster by your side. He (or she, depending on the color of your little friend) never seems to stop talking! And the slightest move or sound sets him off. You can tell what mood your robot pal is in by the sounds that it makes as well as the look on his face. Did I forget to mention that it's head spins around like the Exorcist? Like the other Tiger Robo-Chi friends, Bot-Ster has her own biorhythm that determines her moods. Just like a real girl. ;)

I guess it goes without saying that, as with all Robo-Chi robots, Bot-Ster can communicate with the others in the collection.

Year Released: 2001
Original Price: $

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 3 x AAA batteries


Click Here To Download the Bot-Ster Owner's Manual