B.A.R.T. Droid Laser Challenge
item #80508 by ToyMax

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If you have ever played Laser Tag, then you may have seen one of these before. Essentially a bump-and-go robot, this "target" adds an extra element of play when used in conjunction with the ToyMax Laser Challenge game set. Or when you can't find anyone else to play with, this fella is always at the ready. Once you initialize the "target-bot" using the gun's reset button, it will scurry around the room trying it's best to avoid a direct hit from your gun, spinning all the time. If you do manage to hit the little guy's sensor - that little black hole inside the red triangle on top - he will stop and sound a siren while flashing his lights.

Year Released: 1996
Original Price: $ ???

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 3 x AA batteries and 1 x 9 volt battery

Dimensions: 6" tall x 5" diameter
Weight: 12.65 ounces

Click Here to Download the B.A.R.T. Owner's Manual