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Asimo is like something that you would see in a science fiction movie. I don't think Isaac Asimov himself, the father of the Three Laws of Robotics, could have invisioned this marvel of modern science coming to fruition within our lifetime. Nowhere within the financial grasp of most of us, this is a sign of the things to come.

The name Asimo is actually an acronym for "Advanced Step in Innovative MObility," and not a reference to Asimov - or so Honda claims in official statements. The name, pronounced ashimo, is Japanese for "legs also."

Using a head mounted camera, Asimo is capable of recognizing and identifying moving objects, human stances and hand gestures, it's own surroundings and even faces. Also incorporated in his helmet-like head is a stereo sound recognition system (i.e. two microphones).

Movements are fluid and remarkably human-like. Capable of walking up to 1.68 mph and running up to 3.78 mph, you won't have to slow down to let him catch up with you. He is capable of sitting, standing, walking, running, laying down - anything you can do, he can do... well maybe not better, but as least almost as good. He can even play the violin! You have got to watch this robot in action to fully appreciate just how fantastic his is!

Year Released:
   experimental/prototype models - 1986
   official model - 2000
Number in Existence: 46 as of 2007
Manufacturing Price: slightly less than $1 million
Lease Cost: $166,000 per year

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 51.8vdc 6Ah Li-ion battery pack

Dimensions: 4'3" tall x 18" wide
Weight: 119 lbs

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