Amazing Allysen
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Please welcome Allysen - the latest addition to our growing little robotic family. Yes, yes... I know guys shouldn't play with dolls, but in Allysen's case, we have to make an exception. Her animatronics and interactivity make her more robot than doll. As she speaks, Allysen will even move her lips and occasionally blink her eyes.

When you first install the batteries and press the sensor in Allysen's hand, she will instruct you to set the date and time. This is so that she can then keep up with birthdays and holidays. From there, she will introduce herself and guide you on how to interact with her. This is done through the microphone in her chest, touch sensors in her hands, a sensor in her hair and three clothing sensors. The clothing sensors are actually sockets into which you plug the matching plug sewn into Allysen's clothing. Through the sensors in her right hand and the sensor in her hair, she is able to recognize her various accessories. While Allysen does utilize voice recognition, she doesn't always get it right. The room will have to be relatively quiet and you (or your child) will have to speak clearly. The cartridge slot in her lower back provides the ability to add new personalities to Allysen's repertoire.

As a thirty-something year old guy, Allysen is just a tad too chatty for my taste. After about ten minutes of getting to know her, I was scrambling for a screwdriver to remove the batteries! A child, however, would thoroughly enjoy her. I think she would make an excellent companion for an only child.

As you can see, I have two of these dolls. One has that down-home country girl look - barefoot, wind-blown hair, laid back expression... The other one has a more sophisticated, up-tight look - prim and proper, hair and makeup done up, even has her tag of authenticity! I have a few accessories and one cartridge, but of course I am willing to accept donations if anyone has others :D

Year Released: 2006
Original Price: $100

Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries and 3 x AAA batteries

Dimensions: 14" wide x 21" tall
Weight: 2.2 lbs

Click Here to Download the Amazing Allysen Owner's Manual