Radio Shack / Tandy


Model:    Microcomputer Trainer
Release Date:    early 1980's
Original Price:    about $26
Processor:    TI TMS-1100 300
Memory:    128 nibbles RAM / 2 KB ROM

I remember when I was a kid, I spent hours on end writing programs to key into this "computer." I want to say that this was the first computer that I ever had the opportunity to operate and from that moment on, I was hooked. I've been working in both electronics and computers ever since!

You program this by keying in two digit hexidecimal assembly language codes using the pushbuttons. As you key in each code, it appears on the seven segment LED display - one digit at a time. You can step through each memory location to verify, and change if necessary, each command you've entered. The address of each location is shown in binary using seven LEDs.

The programs that are shown in the manual range from simple music makers to more complex games and timers. One of my favorite programs when I was a kid was a rocket launcher countdown timer that I wrote. Of course, nowadays, a kid would be labeled a terrorist for doing something like that!

One major drawback was that, being battery powered (9 volts supplied by 6 AA batteries), all of your hard work keying in your latest programming creation was lost when you disconnected the power. Another annoyance was that the pushbutton keys were touchy. If you weren't careful, the key would "bounce" causing the press to be registered twice.

   >> Click here to download the Assembly / Programming Manual (39.7 mb)