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Alright... it took a while, but here is a list of all of the fantastic computer books that I have in my collection. I have (finallY) linked all of the books here to it's page on Amazon.com where you can read more information and (maybe) even purchase your own copy.


10 Projects You Can Do with Microsoft SQL Server 7 0471327514
1001 Things to Do With Your Commodore 64 0830618368
36 Texas Instruments Ti-99/4a Programs for Home, School and Office 0866680241
The 8088 Microprocessor 0132475375
Apple Basic 0130390992
BASIC Computer Games: Microcomputer Edition 0894800523
Basic Fun With Adventure Games 0380874865
Basic Fun: Computer Games, Puzzles, & Problems Children Can Write 0380806061
Basic Made Easy 0835903990
Big Computer Games 0916688402
Bigelow's Computer Repair Toolkit 007912979X
Build Your Own 80286 IBM Compatible and Save a Bundle 0830630317
Commodore 64 & Vic-20 Computer Programs for Beginners 0866680330
Computers Simplified, 5th Edition 0764535242
Creating Web Pages with HTML Simplified, 2nd Edition 0764560670
Crunchers: 21 Simple Games for the Timex/Sinclair 1000 0070108315
Digital Deli 0894805916
Dos for Dummies Quick Reference 1568840071
The Essential guide to Timex/Sinclair Home Computers 0671470698
Game Genie: Programming Manual and Codebook B000I0495Y
Great International Math On Keys Book 089512002X
Hacking MythTV: ExtremeTech 0470037873
Hacking Roomba: ExtremeTech 0470072717
How to Win at Game Boy Games 0312926324
Html 4 for Dummies 0764503316
iMac! (and iBook) I Didn't Know You Could Do That... 0782125891
Interface projects for the TRS-80 (Mod III) 0134694376
Kermit Learns How Computers Work 1559583673
Linux for Windows Addicts 0072130814
Machine Language for Beginners 0942386116
The Macintosh Bible - Third Edition 0940235110
Microsoft QuickBASIC  
More Basic Computer Games 0894801376
MS-DOS Batch Files: Microsoft Quick Reference 1556153384
The Official Book of Leisure Suit Larry 1566641209
The Omni Book of Computers and Robots 0821712764
PC Hardware FAT FAQs 0070369399
Photoshop 4 Artistry 1562057596
PIC Microcontroller Project Book 0071354794
Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp Computer 0079136842
Real-World Interfacing with Your PC, 2nd Edition 0790611457
Running MS-DOS 1556151152
Simcity 2000 Strategies and Secrets 0782115187
The Sims Revised & Expanded: Prima's Official Strategy Guide 0761537147
Some of the Best from 'Kilobaud Microcomputing' 0880067128
Students Guide to Unix 0070255113
TI-99/4a Game Programs 0830616306
TTL Cookbook 0672210355
Understanding Artificial Intelligence 0672272717
Understanding Digital Troubleshooting 0136490964
Understanding Microprocessors 0083598057
Using Networks 0789715961
Visual Basic 5 from the Ground Up 0078823498
Web Video Complete 0070464049
Windows 3 Power Tools 0553352989
Windows 3.1 Demystified: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques 0830640363

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