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I purchased a wooden outdoor Nativity set about five years ago and I have proudly displayed it in front of my shop every year since. Last year, I was late in getting it set up. Several people stopped in just to ask if I was going to put the Nativity set up that year. It seems they were concerned that I had been pressured in to not displaying the Birth of Christ in this politically correct world in which we now live. A few even expressed interest in purchasing sets for themselves. One lady went so far as to donate $50 towards the purchase of paint.

This year, I decided, in light of all the press coverage that the atheist war on Christmas has received, to sell copies of the Nativity so that others could show their support and publicly proclaim their faith. After purchasing paint and plywood, we laid out, cut and painted two Nativity Scenes consisting of the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph), the Star of Bethlehem and three Wise Men. Those two sets were sold immediately and orders were placed for several more!

the Project

Each handmade figure stands about four feet tall, with the larger of the animals (the cow, the donkey and the camels) measuring about four feet long. All of the pieces are primed on both sides with exterior primer to prevent the wood from deteriorating out in the weather. To display them, a metal pole is driven into the ground. You then slide the figure down over the pole by way of two metal brackets on the back of each piece.

It each set takes about a week to create from start to finish. The paint then has to cure for at least another week before I can call that set completed.

*** With this timeframe in mind, we are now taking orders for the 2014 Christmas season ***

the Pitch

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We have completed the layout of the Holy Family, the Star, the Wise Men, a cow, a donkey, two sheep, a shepherd and a Little Drummer Boy. We are working on the camels and two more shepherds, with an Angel on the drawing board. The completed pieces can be seen here:

click image for full-size version
Nativity Project Images

Donations and Purchases

If you would like to purchase a set, either a few pieces at a time or as one complete set, please email me and let me know what piece(s) you are interested in and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please understand that each set will take at least a week and a half to complete. Also, if shipping is required, you must realize that these are very large and very heavy. Shipping will NOT be cheap as it will have to go by freight.

If you would like to help, but do not wish to, or cannot afford to, purchase a set at this time, we would welcome any donation that you would feel comfortable with. Your name will be added to the list of contributors below. If you would rather remain anonymous, just let me know and I will respect that wish.


Here we will forever give thanks to anyone who donates to our project.

  • Maxine Stone
  • Juanita and David Tombrello
  • Mark Gano